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Condition: White Out. Windows 8 edition.

White out conditions in effect.So, it’s been a week and I’ve had some time with the RTM Windows 8 on my work lalptop. I have installed Office 2013, Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and other random things. I am using a second monitor with my laptop, a touchy one. OOOooo. So I’ll break it down in three parts. The new start page, colors and contrast, and finally over all feel.  So the new start page is really honestly just a giant start menu. One that you can configured and has live updates etc. If you don’t have something on your start menu, instead of digging into menu, just type a few letters of the app. Need netflix? Just type net and it will show up. That’s right, just type. don’t click search and type, just hit N E T. Now clicking on these apps usually drops you off this start page and on to the desktop, which is EXACTLY THE SAME AS WINDOWS 7 OMG THE WORLD DIDN’T END YOUR COMPUTER IS STILL THERE. There are tons of new hot keys too. Need to get to the control panel or open a command prompt? hit Windows key+X BEWM…new hotness. Important things are not even a click away, just move your mouse to a corner and menus and fast switching appears.

Next up, WINTER IS COMING. So my major problem with Win8 and Office is that the contrast of the windows is TERRIBLE. I can’t see SHIT on desktop. This screen shot here is as good as it gets. All windows are white. title bars are white. white white white white white white. I never know if i’m clicking anything. I have VS2012 up and Office and Lync and other stuff. It’s all White. I can’t find any easy way to make it easier to read. The default color scheme on all the apps should of been way better contrast. The scary part, this is an IMPROVEMENT from before. They actually made the contrast better on VS2012.

Ok well, overall. I love the speed, ease of use and new features of Win8. Once I can find an easy way to make all the windows better, it will be perrrrfect.

I don’t miss the start menu, i don’t miss any of that. I can work just fine with Win8 in the work place.